All about Whizzy and Whizzers

The soft launch of our service has created quite a buzz of sorts. The reactions from our friends and well-wishers have been encouraging and positive, but, most of them have a gnawing question on their minds which is ‘Why the name Whizzy?’. I finally decided to let the cat out of the bag….. through this blog. To begin with, the word ‘whizzy’ has several connotations. The word “whiz” or “whizz” is to portray something or someone which moves fast and as you guessed it right, it has a direct contextual applicability to our services! Likewise, the word “whizzy” has a similar contextual relevance. As per google definition, whizzy means “technologically innovative or advanced” as in “a whizzy piece of software”. Our speed of service and our technological innovativeness will be reflected in the ease of placing and fulfilling requests as well as tracking and updating information on a real-time basis. We shall obviously stand true to our name by pioneering new services and state-of-the-art technology in the forthcoming months too! The story doesn’t end here. In fact it gets all the more interesting.

The other day, i happened to mention the word whizzers to a friend of mine and the curiosity quotient raised several notches, to say the least. “Who are whizzers and how do you people come up with such interesting names?”, he wondered aloud. Well, we are humble enough not to take credit for coining such a name. To answer the aforementioned question, our drivers will be called “Whizzers”. This name is inspired by a fictional comic character by marvel. Whizzer is, supposedly, a superhero who has the ability to move at superhuman speed. This Wikipedia definition of “Whizzer” perfectly fits to our context not only because of its meaning but also in the sense that a superhero usually comes to the “rescue of people in need”

Whizzy with the help of whizzers can ‘create time’ for our customers by getting things done! Get anything done is not a mere tagline of our company but a mission statement of sorts that drives our service and performance!

With job opportunities burgeoning in the new economy, one may wonder, why should drivers choose to work for Whizzy instead of other players in the market? The answer is simple-our pay to Whizzers is on par, if not more, with market trends.

Moreover, since we are sector-agnostic, we anticipate more orders coming in from customers in addition to their grocery and food delivery needs. This, in turn, translates to higher earning potential for Whizzers compared to others who are serving only in one sector.

Criteria for selection of Whizzers

We expect Whizzers to have four basic (i.e. mandatory) things to start with:-

  • Smartphone (Android-based),
  • Two-wheeler,
  • Driving License,
  • Vehicle RC.

Whizzers should have basic conversational skills in English, Hindi and Telugu (as we are debuting our services in Telangana).

Training for Whizzers

Whizzers will be trained as part of our on-boarding process. The training will include the following aspects:

  • Familiarity with the driver app
  • Understanding of the company’s core values and principles
  • Company’s expectations from Whizzer community & code-of-conduct
  • problem resolution & exception handling etc.

Before we make the Whizzer “live” we test them by giving them a sample (yet real) order to fulfill.

Whizzers will be the vital link between Whizzy and patrons. Their understanding of our expectations and timely service will go a long way in providing better user experience to our customers.

If you know someone who would want to be a whizzer, then please click here to share the details.

Get Anything Done with Whizzy

Driving through a maze of traffic to take off your daily tasks, run your errands, and do multiple chores cannot be your idea of a day well spent. Everyday tasks like buying groceries, collecting clothes from the dry cleaners, paying utility bills, etc. have become a tiresome activity that is sure to upsurge your stress levels. The urban jungle which we live in is characterized by heavy traffic, noise, pollution which can set your pulse racing especially if you have to juggle through several errands in a day.

These ‘errands’ can be boring but nevertheless necessary to run a household or a small business. Whether we like it or not, most of us spend a good amount of our precious time trying to finish several tasks in a day. Be it a stay at home mom or a working professional or a small business owner, I am sure you must have thought about outsourcing your ‘to do list for the day’ to someone else…. someone who is reliable, efficient, and can complete the task on time. Imagine a person arriving to help you get anything done whenever needed for a small service charge.

Sounds like a far-fetched idea? Certainly not. With technology, anything is possible…almost anything! We believe that real fruits of technology are best enjoyed when it simplifies your life, gives you quality time and ushers in the peace of mind!

You can get all this and more with Whizzy by your side! Whizzy Logistic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of providing logistics and transport services and solutions to residential and small business customers via its sophisticated technology platform. In layman’s term, Whizzy can help customers in the following situations:

  1. Pickup/drop off any item
  2. Buy anything from anywhere
  3. Any other type of tasks/errands

Whizzy charges will be based on a flat-rate model determined by the distance of the trip combined with a per-km pricing beyond a certain distance.

By choosing Whizzy’s services, customers will invariably get some free time which they can utilize to do more productive things like spending time with a loved one, indulging in a hobby or just cruising through the day in a stress-free way! In today’s fast-paced world, time has become a precious commodity and the lack of free time has led to increased stress levels and anxiety. Get anything done is not merely a tagline of Whizzy but a mission statement of sorts that will help minimize our customers’ anger and frustration levels.

The Whizzy Advantage!

We are modest enough not to call ourselves pioneers but we certainly are the ‘prime-movers’ when it comes to offering better user experience, convenience, and transparency to our customers. While the other players in the market cater to the needs of the customers in the food delivery segment (through WhatsApp or phone), Whizzy stands out from the crowd by addressing a wide-spectrum of its customers’ needs across various sectors through a convenient mobile app.

Want to know about the interesting story behind our name or how we operate and the array of unique services? Watch this space for our forthcoming blogs……